reMATE Program Overview

This year we launched reMATE and brought circularity to our community at large. This program offers fiber to fiber recycling for any used MATE garment. So how does this program actually work? Customers return any MATE product and receive credit back to the brand for participating in the circular economy. Then our friends at SuperCircle sort, store, and aggregate the items with other brands in their network. Once we have collectively gathered enough garments we can recycle the items and use the material to make new clothes.
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Units Recycled

We have collected 1,000 garments since going live with reMATE in April 2022. We want to thank everyone who has helped us grow the circular economy by participating in this new program.

Plans to Expand reMATE

We hope to offer the MATE community more ways to extend the life of their garments. Looking particularly into opportunities for resale and opening recycling opportunities for any and all clothing. The ultimate goal is to keep as much material at its highest value circulating in the economy.