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Our circularity program keeps your old MATE items out of the landfill and recycles them into brand new products. Yup, our remakes are even better (for the environment) than the original.

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How to bring MATE full circle


Print the prepaid shipping label that we email to you.


Pack up your used MATE items and drop off at USPS.


Sit pretty as we recycle your oldies into new goodies.


Get $10 in MATE credit per recycled (up to $30).

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Please excuse our trash talk

Evolving the fashion ecosystem to be more sustainable requires us to uphold our standards at every step of our product lifecycle- including its end life. When an item leaves our warehouse- even after you've worn it a gazillion times, slept in it, traveled in it, spilled on it, laughed in it, cried in it- it's still our responsibility. We created a circularity program so you never give up on your MATE.

Once a MATE, forever a MATE

Our process involves a mechanical recycler that chops and shreds fiber until it can be respun into new yarn. Then, we are able to blend the different fiber scraps into our signature earthy tones, so we eliminate the need to use water and energy to dye the recycled fabric.

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Approximately 85% of all textiles end up in landfills or incinerated

Waste from the fasion industry has ballooned 220% since the 1990s but recycling has not increased at nearly the same rate.


Sourcing organic cotton from recycled MATE items rather than producing conventional cotton reduces carbon emissions by 71%.

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